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Natural and realistic

They are very natural sounding loudspeakers, sounding like the musicians are performing in your room, just like a real performance.

‘These are nice sounding speakers – very well done and I like the retro-style, too...’

Thomas Schmidt

Ease to drive and suits all kinds of music

All of our designs are efficient and match easily with most well-designed amplifiers. From a few watts valve (tube) amplifier, to thousand watts solid state monster. And they are designed to play all kinds of music.

‘Rhythmically they’re superb, able to bounce along to any type of music from rock to classical with heady abandon.’

David Price

Ideal for home cinema

The MAD speaker range is cohesively designed with each model sharing a similar signature making it possible to match different models within a system.

‘MyClapton delivers a quite engaging and involving overall sound quality in a package that’s certainly distinctive and very different from the marketplace stereotypes….. The character is quite muscular and punchy with good coherence, plenty of drive and urgency and decent rendition of orchestral textures.’

Paul Messenger

Easy to position

The speakers are designed with a wide dispersion array, performing well in rooms of all sizes and shapes.

‘Actually, these are really fine speakers. You were right, they blow away my old ProAcs. The room is not the best for audio but the 1920s fill up the room unusually well even with the room limitations.’

Professor D. Paper – USA


The balance across all frequency bands is optimal and very smooth, with emotion and high definition.

‘I’m finding them completely fatigue free and I am finding I am listening to them almost every day, which I think is the best test! The contrast with my Focal’s is interesting, they had more ‘sparkle’ but overall I think the 1920s are a more rounded and enjoyable listen.’

Robert Pearce – London, UK

Top English Design & Craftsmanship

MAD speakers are assembled in the garden of England ‘Sussex’ by craftsmen who share the MAD vision for high standards.

‘I play the 1920’s most nights for an hour or so. They are balanced and lovely, they do remarkable things for a small box speaker.’ I finally had the opportunity to A/B the PS3 Harbeths against the 1920’s-especially after listening to violin pieces (ASM) I must admit I thought it was no contest, the 1920’s outshone the Harbeths. They are both lovely speakers, but I guess the 1920’s would be the Desert Island loudspeaker choice.’

Dr. R Kolnik – Perth, Australia

‘The best thing about them is their tone – rich, sweet, and very natural. Nice speakers Tim!’

Professor David Paper –Utah, USA

Full-Bodied & Rich

You can hear with crystal clear clarity, without harshness or excessive forceful bass, regardless of volume. Even at low volume, you are still able to hear well-balanced sound with bass.

‘We feel both the design and look of the speakers is superb, the quality of the veneer is so good, that it is hard to tell it is not real (solid) wood. The whole appearance of the speakers is infact one of sheer quality and solid, British Design, we feel that the 1920’s would make a beautiful addition to any home or room – even on aesthetics alone!’

Tracy Wright – Cheshire, England

British Pride

MAD are some of the best loudspeakers in the world. When you become a MAD owner, you can tell your friends that you have the same speakers as the world leading cellist ‘Julian Lloyd Webber’, ‘Julian Coward’ of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many others. If they don’t believe you, show them on our website.

‘Stevie Ray Vaughans guitar sounded more authentical and direct than usual. While other speaker give the feeling that one is listening to a big pa system, with the MAD (MyClapton Grand MM) the Marshall stack is placed right in the corner of the listening room, and the drumset in the middle. Steves voice sounded a little more raucous, and also more soulful than usual. The rest of the trio rocks with full, rich drive, that it became a pure joy - with dynamics and level more like a full-grown floor standing Loudspeakers. With an exquisite soundstage and intelligent conduction. of dynamics the MAD understood to inspire Jazz and Classic lovers as well. Price/Performance: Very good’

M. Ruhnke

Editor AUDIO Magazine Germany