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1920 Loudspeakers

Since the inception of the 1920 speaker, we have received many accolades from discerning owners and reviewers. It's also the choice of leading musicians such as the British doyen cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, Julian Coward of the Royal Philharmoic Orchestra, the super British Jazz guitarist John Russell and many others...

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The story of 1920 dates back to a decade ago, when we received requests to design an homage to the legendary LS3/5A BBC monitors, at an affordable price. We dismissed this call from the start; attempting to mimic these classics would be hubris at best.

Then we encountered the Danish transducer gurus Allan Isaken and Per Madsen. Spurred on by their encouragement, enlightment, and their most advanced transducer technology, they reignited our passion and courage to develop this new British 21st century mini monitor. Paul Messenger, a world leading loudspeaker reviewer for forty years (so needless to say a tough listener to impress) said in 'Hi-Fi Choice' Vol. 354 magazine:

'Forget the LS3/5A; it's better to consider the 1920...'

Paul Messenger

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The revival of a British classic

Perfecting the 1920 was a lengthy process, involving a team of musicians, acoustic engineers, psychologists and music lovers. At the heart of the loudspeaker is a new neodymium super tweeter, capable of reproducing an ultra-wide transparent experience up to 40kHz, and a custom ultra precise mid/bass driver.

To cook a delicious dish, we need the freshest and best ingredients as well as masterful culinary technique; other than the drivers, the cabinet and crossover design are the most crucial part of a loudspeaker. Our crossovers are point-to-point wired with silver solder and ultra pure 99.99997% copper cable; in the circuit we have MAD ESA Diamond Silver capacitor, with 99.997% diamond silver conductors and audiophile grade air/iron core inductors.

In terms of the cabinet, we constructed it with our proprietary DRC technology, which combines layers of materials in different density, to reduce and control unwanted resonances at various frequencies. As a result, you can expect to hear smooth, open, natural, clear, detailed and unexaggerated music, just like the original performance. A new legend, the 1920 has been born.


145 mm ultra precision mid/bass driver

Neodymium supersonic tweeter

Point-to-point wired crossover with silver solder

Internally wired with 99.9997% ultra purity copper conductors

Tweeter wired with 99.997% diamond silver conductors

DRC cabinet technology

Available in Cherry and Walnut veneer

Hand built in England with love

MAD Diamond Silver Capacitor

Velvet damper minimises diffraction effect

Suitable for high-end two channel and home cinema use

Suitable for recording studio use



HF 22 mm neodynium supersonic tweeter

LF 145 mm ultra precision mid/bass driver

Frequency Response:

58 Hz-40 kHz

Crossover Frequency:

2000 Hz


90dB@1w@1 metre


280 x 190 x 230 mm

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