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The 1930 Loudspeaker

The research and development phase of the 1930s began long before our acclaimed 1920 series was conceived. Quality cannot be rushed. Like all MAD designs, the 1930 is the result of the endeavours of British musicians, acoustic engineers, designers, psychologist and scientists.

As well as technical and engineering specs, we placed an emphasis on ‘realistic music replay’. Our goal is to design speakers that capture the emotional essence of the performer.

Get ready to hear smooth, open, natural, clear, detailed and unexaggerated music with fine dynamics and a coherent sound. The design employs our SWC (Standing Wave Control) & DRC (Damping Resonance Control Technology), which uses a unique box construction that combines layers of materials of different density, to reduce and control unwanted resonances at various frequencies and minimise the negative pressures which effect bass accuracy.

The 1930 sports new MAD SSF (Stasis Symmetrical Field) mid/bass drivers, which have an SSF motor structure designed to reduce even-order harmonic distortion to a new low. The alloy field stabiliser further reduces low and high level distortion, enhancing low level details and dynamic performance. Our large Tri-chamber Silk Dome Tweeter has a vented coil former, and a massive motor structure to ensure linear consistency, compression and perfect high frequency extension.

Crossovers are point-to-point wired with silver solder and ultra-pure 99.99997% copper cable; in the circuit we have a MAD ESA Diamond Silver capacitor, with 99.997% diamond silver conductor and audiophile grade air/iron core inductors.


MAD 151 mm SSF ultra precision mid/bass driver

MAD 29 mm tri chamber silk dome tweeter

Point-to-point wired crossover with silver solder

Internally wired with 99.9997% ultra purity copper conductors

Tweeter wired with 99.997% diamond silver conductor

DRC cabinet technology

Available in Cherry and Walnut veneer

Hand built in England with love

MAD Diamond silver capacitor

Velvet damper minimises diffraction effect

Suitable for high-end two channel and home cinema use

Suitable for recording studio use



HF 22 mm neodynium supersonic tweeter

LF 151 mm ultra precision mid/bass driver

Frequency Response:

58 Hz-40 kHz

Crossover Frequency:

2000 Hz


90dB@1w@1 metre


280 x 190 x 230 mm

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