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The 1952 loudspeaker

1952 pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II, who has lead Great Britain into the modern era.

Designing this speaker was one of our biggest challenges. We wanted to produce a revolutionary loudspeaker which captured the spirit of the British classics. It needed to be an enduring design that would last for decades. We hope we succeeded.

The 1952 is a product of unprecedented new methods in development and acoustic engineering.

Like all our other designs, it's the fruit of the labour of British musicians, engineers, designers, psychologist and scientists.

Hand-built, heart-felt

The design employs our SWC (Standing Wave Control) & DRC (Damping Resonance Control Technology), in a unique box construction combining layers of materials of different densities, to reduce and control unwanted resonances at various frequencies and minimise the negative pressures which effect bass accuracy.

The 1952 also sports new MAD custom drivers. Our Special Doped Cone mid/bass, consists of a large motor system with alloy field stabiliser to reduce distortion, enhance low level details and dynamic performance. Our Ultra Linear silk dome super tweeter has a vented coil former, to reduce distortion and compression, and it has optimized on and off axis response and linearity with extended ultra sonic frequency up to 38,000 Hz.

Our crossovers are point to point wired with silver solder and ultra pure 99.99997% copper cable; in the circuit we have a MAD ESA Diamond Silver capacitor, with 99.997% diamond silver conductor and audiophile grade air/iron core inductors.

You can expect to hear smooth, open, natural, clear, detailed and unexaggerated music – just like the original performance. A new legend has been born.


LF 145 mm MAD SDC ultra precision mid/bass driver

MAD 21 mm ultra linear silk dome tweeter

Point-to-point wired crossover with silver solder

Internally wired with 99.99997% ultra purity copper conductors

Tweeter wired with 99.997% diamond silver conductors

MAD Diamond Silver Capacitor

DRC cabinet technology

Original owner five year guarantee

Luxury real Walnut veneer

Hand built in England with love



HF 21 mm ultra linear silk dome supertweeter

LF 145 mm MAD SDC ultra precision mid/bass driver

Frequency Response:

50 Hz-35 kHz

Crossover Frequency:

2,500 Hz


90dB@1w@1 metre


860 x 190 x 230 mm

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