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World Leading Standard

'Elgar' is a continuation of our masterpiece, the MyElgar Loudspeaker, that we initially developed with British musicians at the 'Newton Institute'. Now, we've turned it into a piece of Art to commemorate the greatest British composer 'Sir Edward Elgar'. Fittingly 'Julian Lloyd Webber' is the chairman of the Elgar Society. When you listen to what the Elgar is capable of producing, you will be amazed and attracted to its transparency, accuracy, dynamic and clean, deep bass music reproduction. It is a large, three-wayfloor-stander that uses the best drivers, such as the renowned ATC midrange dome, and custom drivers co-designed by MAD and the maestro British transducer designer Dave Lith, the genius behind the world's best studio monitors and the greatest concert halls such as the Royal Albert Hall & Royal Opera House in London.

Resemblance to the Royal Salute loudspeaker, the Elgar Jubilee has a distinctively engaging and cohesive musical balance, with super-wide holographic soundstage, and perfect midrange and bass extension, with minimal coloration and the ability to express the subtlest feelings and emotions, while retaining excellent transient dynamics to deliver impressive drama and scale. Aesthetically, this is a perfect piece of Art to demonstrate to your family and friends, it is a good piece of Art to boost in your living / drawing room, as well as a perfect hi end home cinema to compliment with the Julian Lloyd Webber speakers.

Like all our other designs, the Elgar Jubilee is the labour of British musicians, engineers, designers, psychologists and scientists in a unique way. The design employs our SWC (Standing Wave Control) & DRC (Damping Resonance Control Technology); the unique box construction combines layers of materials in different density, to reduce and control unwanted resonances at various frequencies, and minimise the negative pressures which effect bass accuracy.

The speaker sportsnew MAD radial 12" bass drivers, with special symmetrical field large motor systems and radial chassis to reduce distortion and maximise linearity even at high levels. It retains vivid detail and dynamics at low volumes, with apparently seamless crossover between the renowned best midrange in the world 'ATC Dome' and our custom super tweeter with perfect time and phase alignment.

Our crossovers are point-to-point wired with silver solder and ultra pure 99.99997% copper cable; in the circuit is a MAD ESA Diamond Silver capacitor with 99.997% diamond silver conductors. Our custom matched inductors and audiophile grade ceramic resistors are carefully matched with love and passion.

Elgar Jubilee will be available in late 2012


MAD Radial 12" bass driver

MAD Ring radiator silk super tweeter

Point to point wired crossover with silver solder

Internally wired with 99.99997% MAD cables

MAD ESA Diamond Silver capacitor

DRC cabinet technology

SWC technology

Original owner five years guarantee

Hand built in England with love

Silver plated copper binding posts

Custom image of your selection of Art Work



HF 25mm neodynium silk radiator super tweeter

MF 75mm ATC midrange dome

LF 300 mm MAD Radialultra precision bass driver

Frequency Response:


Crossover Frequencies:




92dB@1W@1 metre


880 x 480 x 270 mm

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