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The Julian Lloyd Webber is a unique speaker commemorating Julian's achievements and reflecting his musical prowess. Originally designed personally for Julian Lloyd Webber, now it's available to the public. The great maestro publicly described it as "one of the best speakers I've ever heard!"

It is available as the 60th anniversary edition, or we can custom design your own speaker to create a piece of wall mount art to illustrate your personal history and achievements, PRODUCING a talking point in your room and heavenly sound like original performance.

The design of Julian Lloyd Webber speaker involved a team of musician, acoustic engineers, psychologists and music lovers. At the heart of the speaker is a new neodymium super tweeter, capable of reproducing a ultra wide transparent experience up to 40KHz, and the ultra precise mid-bass driver. Other than best drivers the cabinet and x-over design are the most crucial part of a loudspeaker. Our crossover are point to point wired with silver solder and ultra pure 99.99997% copper cable; in the circuit we have MAD ESA Diamond Silver capacitor, audiophile grade air/iron core inductors. In terms of the cabinet, we constructed it with our proprietary DRC technology, which combine layers of materials in different density, to reduce and control unwanted resonance at various frequencies. As a result, you can expect to hear smooth, open, natural, clear, detailed and unexaggerated music — just like the original performance, from a picture on the wall!


5 3/4" Ultra precision Midbass driver

Neodymium Supersonic Tweeter

Point to point wired crossover with Silver solder

Internal wired with 99.9997% ultra purity copper conductors

DRC cabinet technology

Hand built in England with love

MAD Diamond silver capacitor

Available in Julian Lloyd Webber montague, custom graphic and frame available on custom orders.

Suitable for Hi-End two channel & home cinema use

Suitable for recording studio use



HF 22mm Neodynium Supersonic Tweeter

LF 145mm Ultra precision MidBass driver

Frequency Response:


Crossover Frequency:



91dB@1w@1 meter


500 x 325 x 110mm

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