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The Grand Purcell

Generally acclaimed as England's greatest composer, Henry Purcell was born in St Ann's Lane, Old Pye St, Westminster, London. Almost exactly 350 years after his birth in 1659, MAD's Grand Purcell loudspeaker was also born in Westminster, at No.35 Whitehall. We sincerely believe our new offering is worthy of this great master...

MAD Audio's Grand Purcell delivers outstanding sound quality. What's the secret? Well, we have over twenty years experience in loudspeaker design. We custom design/build most of the components used. And (most importantly) carefully match them. We have gone to great lengths to ensure exceptional accuracy and truthfulness. But, because the appreciation of music is subjective, Grand Purcell has been voiced with input from a distinguished group of British musicians and scientists.

The result is a speaker that satisfies both head and heart. Superb transparency and fine detail accords the critical listener exceptional insight into both music and performance. Tonally, the sound is smooth, open, well-balanced, and natural. Being free from coloration, the speaker is able to convey the subtlest feelings and emotions, while retaining sufficient dynamic capability to deliver impressive drama and scale.

On a technical level, our ring radiator tweeter offers extended supersonic frequency response with class leading transparency, clarity, and naturalness. The highs sound pure and open, with a complete lack of upper frequency 'edge' and harshness. The tweeter works in perfect harmony with our 8" custom designed mid/bass driver, which exhibits extremely low midrange colouration, while producing deep accurate bass. A Symmetrical Field motor system is employed to ensure constant linearity at all volume levels.

Our crossover uses only the finest components. For the utmost transparency, we've opted a 'less is more approach' to circuit design, hard-wired using a combination of our 99.9997% super purity diamond silver and 99.99997% ultra high-purity copper conductors. Eutectic Silver Solder ensures optimum connectivity between components and drivers.

Grand Purcell is ideal for both high-end two channel systems and home cinema applications. The extended supersonic frequency range makes this loudspeaker perfect for high resolution formats such as SACD and DVD-A, as well as high-end home cinema use.

Technical data

MAD Symmetrical Field 8" Co-axial driver

220 mm ultra precision mid/bass driver

Neodymium supersonic radiator tweeter

Point-to-point wired crossover with silver solder

Internally wired with 99.9997% ultra purity copper conductors

Tweeter wired with 99.997% diamond silver conductor

DRC cabinet technology

Handbuilt in England with love

MAD Diamond silver capacitor

Suitable for high-end two channeland home cinema use



HF 25 mm ring radiator supersonic tweeter

LF 220 mm precision custom mid/bass

Frequency Response:


Crossover Frequencies:

2,000 Hz


90dB@1W@1 metre


915 x 262 x 304mm

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