Noble Series

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The noble Duke is our latest invention. It ranks amongst the finest sounding (and best looking) loudspeakers in the world. The Duke can convey the subtlest feelings and emotions, whilst retaining sufficient dynamic capability to deliver impressive drama and scale.

Skillful composition

The Duke has a new composition of DRC materials and a desirable curved shape. Formed using ultrasound, it is assembled by the most skilful joiners using the most advanced cabinet building technology currently available. Our new cabinets are more rigid than those found in conventional ‘curved’ speakers, which minimises standing wave pressure to the driver-cones.

Hand-built, Heart-felt

No other company designs and builds speakers like MAD.

The Dukes have been developed by a distinguished group of British musicians and engineers, led by our Loudspeaker Conductor (an expert in group analytics) Together, our team offers an uncanny insight into the link between musicality and emotion. The result? A speaker that satisfies the head and the heart, offering exceptional insight into performances.

Advanced technology & craftsmanship

The Duke sports innovative new drivers; the ring radiator super tweeter is a non-resonant design with symmetrical chamber and a supercharged magnet to improve top end dynamics with minimal distortion and phase shift. Unlike other drivers, the Duke mid/bass drivers employ soft-doped fabric instead of critically damped rubber surrounds. The advanced new DRC technology and unique cabinet construction is critical in this design, as it ensures that the drivers are well controlled, accurate and musical. The drivers are terminated with our proprietary 99.99997% ultra purity copper wire to enhance signal transmission and conductivity.

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