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1920 Awarded the coveted 'Recommended Product' by Hi Fi Choice

Hi Fi Choice has awarded our 1920 Loudspeakers with a red Recommended Badge and a top review. The classic design and sound of the 1920 impressed the veteran loudspeaker reviewer Paul Messenger, he honoured our 'World Standard' five star winner with a 'Recommended' badge.

In the review he stated that the bass of the 1920 'hampered all of those in last month's Blind Listening Group Test (HFC 353) to a greater or lesser extent.' And he was delighted by the well balanced, cohesive sound of the 1920.

'The 1920's impressive coherence actually has some of the flavour of a single full-range driver speaker... the tweeter doesn't draw attention to itself and enjoy this speaker's superior bass agility, good dynamic expression and fine midband communication.'

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