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Introduces 1930 Standmount Loudspeaker

1st April 2012

My Audio Design MAD introduces 1930 — the perfect standmount monitor featuring a 6" Stasis Symmetrical Field woofer and a Tri-chamber Silk Dome Tweeter. The 1930 loudspeaker employs our proprietary SWC (Standing Wave Control) & DRC (Damping Resonance Control Technology), which uses a unique box construction that combines layers of materials of different density, to reduce and control unwanted resonances at various frequencies and minimise the negative pressures which effect bass accuracy. In fact, the R&D work of the 1930 was launched way before the 'World Standard' superstar 1920 Loudspeaker, and involved even more musicians this time, with our acoustic engineers and our psychologists in a unique method, which emphasises realistic music replay that captures the emotional essence of the performer.