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MyClapton Grand MM – Monitor Loudspeaker received top rated review from the 'AUDIO' magazine in Germany


The Grand MM has recently reviewed by Herr M. Ruhnke the editor of 'AUDIO' magazine in Germany with excellent verdict.

'Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar sounded more authenticand present than usual. While other speakers give the feeling that one is listening to a big PA system, with the MAD (MyClapton Grand MM) the Marshall stack is placed right in the corner of the listening room, and the drumset in the middle. Stevie's voice sounded a little more raucous, and also more soulful than usual. The rest of the trio rocks with full, rich drive, that it became a pure joy – with dynamics and level more like a full-grown floor standing loudspeaker. With an exquisite soundstage and intelligent conduction of dynamics the MAD understood to inspire Jazz and Classic lovers as well. Price/Performance: Very good'

M. Ruhnke

Editor AUDIO Magazine Germany