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The HIGH END 2012 – A MAD World 7000+ Visitors from all around the world

Eventually, the HIGH END 2012 played it's finale on Sunday the 6th May 2012 after four successful days. According to the Hi End Society, 14,869 visitors attended the show. This year we were partnered with our show comrade Hi Fi Racks Company, since the IES Amsterdam 2012, this is our third show together. Other than the booth, we shared many things in common, such as 'Made in England', 'Multi Award Winners', 'High Product Quality' etc... You may tell us what more you observed if you attended the show. We estimated more than 7,000 people visited our stand. Many of them were seduced by the enigmatic 'Elgar Jubilee' & the glamorous (many people think he is sexy) 'Duke Limited Edition' with a noble robe in union jack veneered finish. People said:

‘Your speakers are so beautiful, very different to any other speakers!’

‘Your stand is so nice, well done!’

‘You are MAD... or ‘This is MAD’ (We took this as a compliment, and fed them with a glass of bubbly!)

‘I’ve never seen any other speakers like yours, they are something special!’

For the first day, we demonstrated the '1920' loudspeaker with our beloved Howes Acoustics PX4 3w valve/tube amplifier, designed by the British Valve (tube) amplifier maestro 'John Howes', a superb amplifier we partnered for many shows and praised by many as the best sound of the show in the UK! We wished John was there with us. Many people were enchanted with the musicality and full-bodied viscose voice coming from the 1920, and there's an interesting collective phenomenon, nearly everyone who listened to the small wonder (1920) had found her bass performance was exceptionally good in such a poor acoustic environment, many of them attempted to find the sub-woofer, as they could not believe what they heard from such a small bookshelf speaker, of course they didn't find any!

‘Small speakers, big sound! Impressive!’

‘I didn’t expect these speakers to sound this good, especially with the flimsy partition without a roof and acoustic treatment!’

‘Where is the sub-woofer?’

‘What? Only 3 Watts! Unbelievable!’ (No! In fact 3000mW!)

‘Guten Tag’ – (Herr. Dell, can you help this Deutsch gentleman please?)

On day two until the end of the show, we paired up with Viola Forte mono blocs designed by Paul Jayson! He impressed all of us by his attention to detail and humble attitude, we didn’t expect the super designer behind the best amps such as Cello & Mark Levinson to be so modest. After we hooked up the system, he stayed with us for more than an hour, to ensure everything was fine, and he came back constantly to support us! Thank you for your support Paul. Needless to say, with the Viola the Grand MM flying more freely on the German Autobahn (Highway) with exceptional performance & the newly launched 1930 were extremely impressive too. They impressed Jeff Dorgay – Tone Audio, as well as many other reviewers and visitors from Germany, France, UK, USA& the rest of the world. (Jeff was originally bewitched by the gorgeous appearance of our pre-launch display). We are glad to see the three years labour is being widely recognized by the world outside Great Britain.

Pre Launch - Duke Limited Edition & Elgar Jubilee

Not everyone was lured to the MAD stand by just the sheer beauty of the Duke! Veteran reviewer Jason Kennedy mentioned on the Dagogo show report: ‘MAD’s main madman Timothy Jung lured me over to his booth by playing Jimi Hendrix at suitably mad levels…..’In the What Hi Fi show report Andrew Everest said: ‘ It's good, it's all good...And where do these exotic speakers hail from? MAD's Timothy Jung surprises us with his answer: they're made in Sussex, and the company headquarters in Croydon, a town I may never again look at in quite the same way.’ In the Absolute Sound show report Alan Sircom said: ‘MAD England Audio is really living up to the name, with a loudspeaker that’s as Mad as it is English…is this the ultimate loudspeaker in this Bumper British Year for the anglophile? Time will tell.’ We look forward to seeing what other hi fi critics say in a few weeks time when the magazines are available on the newsstand shelves.

Elgar Jubilee

The Elgar Jubilee is a continuation of it’s predecessor MyElgar, we continue to use the world best ATC mid-range designed by our dear friend Billy Woodman! In fact Tim has been using this driver for more than a decade, but this is the first time we used complete custom design drivers to compliment with this unbeatable gem. What does it sound like? You need to be part of our musician, engineer or MAD conductor team to get the first ear full of enjoyment. When will it launch officially? This is a good question, when we finalized the drivers of the Grand MM, it still took another 12 months to perfect the final voice to please the whole team and the MAD conductor, a master piece will take time! Anyway, the Queen was crowned in 1953 and we may be pardoned for another 12 months for the ‘Enigma Variations’ showcase. We can’t wait to hear and see the music flow out from Elgar Jubilee with it’s ‘Enigmatic’ audition to the world. However, the appearance of it is already very different to the norm, with the Julian Lloyd Webber (Fittingly, Julian is the Chairman of the Elgar Society) Loudspeakers, they could become one of the very best hi-end home cinema speakers ever.