MAD DESIGNER STAGE - A design practice in sophisticated hi-end boutique hotel development, branding, interior, acoustic and furniture design, through collaboration with a well communicated team of experts and talents in art, crafts, engineering, designs and architecture- lead by the MAD Conductor - Timothy Jung

The MAD Conductor - Timothy Jung

Timothy Jung is one of the world's rare and quirky designers. Who works in his own school of soul acoustic, architecture, hotel interior, furniture design, haute fidelity couture and product design. As a hotelier, he found the Fable Hotels and own a few boutique hotels, he and his MAD Designer Stage designed the space and experience of the properties. His first boutique hotel - ‘The Music Fable’ which showcase his unique subliminal style, extreme level of details, and instinct to blend irrelevant cross culture/era objects into a new heaven - achieved through aesthetic, acoustic and somatic sensation. The world traveller and global citizen were intensively trained & experienced in Art, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Hotel Interior & Furniture design. Since he founded the MAD Designer Stage at The Newton Institute, he leads and collaborate with team of leading and talented architect, designers, engineers, artisans and craftsmen, to produce unprecedented designs, objects and experience do not exist in the world and bring clients into a realm of luxury and pleasure.

The MAD Designers

Timothy leads a team of experienced architects, designers engineers and artisans - ranging from Royal Goldsmith to former Missle engineer, to aid him to accomplish each mission. Combining tradition master craftsmanship, art, psychology and leading edge technology into a supreme design - which bring long lasting euphoric satisfaction deep down from heart and desire.

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